Child Trafficking in Appalachia: It’s time to act

Imagine our surprise when we discovered many Appalachian children attend school barefoot because they have no shoes. This is especially worrisome during the cold months, when the kids are in need of warm boots during snowy mountain winters. Many teachers attempt to fill the children’s needs out-of-pocket, but of course this is not sustainable.

Also, due to lack of indoor plumbing in many homes, kids have to use the bathroom outside and the child abduction rate is frighteningly high.

And tragically with poverty and abductions, trafficking inevitably follows. 

Many Americans don’t understand that child trafficking isn’t something that only happens in third-world countries. It’s happening right under our noses, in our own communities and backyards. And as long as we are silent, the problem will continue.

It is time for Virginia communities to step up and help, and it is everyone’s responsibility to become educated about the facts, so we can keep our kids safe.



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